38 Personal Safety Tips That Could Save Your Life!

38 Personal Safety Tips That Could Save Your Life!

There are so many crimes occurring nowadays that it has become a common issue in society. So it is important for you to ensure your own safety. That is why we present you a list of personal safety tips which will help you to reduce the possibilities of becoming a crime victim. We also suggest you using your own judgment when the time comes.


Walking safety:

  • Inform someone about where you will be going, when you will return.
  • Take a friend, you can always rely on your furry friends which will bark at strangers.
  • Try to avoid roads where people are not available much.
  • Take your cell phone and note the emergency number of that country and use it if there is anything suspicious going on.
  • Think beforehand which road you will be taking.
  • Try to concentrate on your surroundings and don’t use headphones, even if you use headphones, keep the volume low.
  • Use a flashlight at night time walks.
  • Use familiar areas as much as possible.
  • Look calm so that it looks like you know where you are heading.
  • Don’t ride with strangers.
  • Keep self-defense devices.
  • The car and house keys should be ready for an emergency.
  • If there is someone following you, check out to confirm and run to the crowded places and make the running visible to everyone.
  • When you are emotionally unstable or drunk, try to avoid walking alone.
  • Don’t keep a large amount of money if it’s not necessary.


Driving and parking safety:

  • Try to park in a place which is highly visible and has lights.
  • Check if there is enough gas if you are traveling far.
  • Try to use busy streets.
  • Don’t give a lift to strangers.
  • Keep the windows and doors always well locked.
  • Carefully remember where you are parking your car.
  • Always check your car if there is anything suspicious.
  • If you think another car is following you, drive in main roads and inform the police.
  • Avoid driving in isolated places, especially at night.
  • Always keep your car in a good condition, so that is doesn’t stop working in an emergency.
  • If anyone suspicious approach your car, honk the horn continuously.


Home safety:

  • Use the peephole to see who knocked.
  • If you don’t recognize someone, ask them before opening the door.
  • Always keep the door and windows locked if you are going out.
  • If you are living alone, always keep someone well trusted informed about your whereabouts and give them a house key.
  • Keep keys well hidden.
  • If you see windows or door locks are broken or anything suspicious, never enter the house alone and inform the police.


If you are attacked:

  • Scream as hard as you can.
  • If possible, run toward crowded places.
  • If the attacker demand money, purse or valuable things, give it without restraining. Don’t risk your life.
  • Do not leave sidewalks or busy roads when you are being followed or about to be attacked.


Risk reduction:

  • Drink carefully and don’t get drunk.
  • Always stay focused.

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