Personal Alarm or Pepper Spray?

Personal Alarm or Pepper Spray?

Safety is one of the most basic human instincts. Like an evolving lifestyle, our methods to keep us safe also continue to evolve. We continue to develop intelligent, smart, handy, and now even portable means to keep us safe and secure. One famous such tool is a pepper spray, and new tools introduced include portable personal alarm as the most effective one.

One miss can welcome greater danger
Pepper spray has long been used to deal with uncertain situations or impending danger, but they aren't bound to work in every situation. One basic hazard is that they might miss the target and result in the attacker being alarmed. Personal alarms are a sure way to keep one safe. Especially when these alarms can come in a portable range, which makes them easy to carry, light-weight, and can be a source of trusted self-defense for the person carrying them.

Ease of carriage and access
Pepper sprays are a good tool to keep one safe, but at times you might not even get the chance to get it out of your bag as it is not a handy device. There's also a strong chance of forgetting it at home. SLFORCE's personal alarms for women, on the contrary, are portable. They come in the shape of key chains that make them easy to carry, and a wide range of colors makes it interesting to carry. These personal alarms also have LED light in them, which increases the usefulness.

An Attacker's worst enemy is attention!
A sure way to keep one-self safe is to be surrounded by people or generally be in a crowded place. The next best way is to attract immediate attention to get help. The SLFORCE's personal alarms can create noise that is up to 130db. And if that seems like less, it can be compared to the sound of a train's whistle, which is around 100db. Creating noise is the best way to attract attention for help, and these personal alarms do this job effectively.

Safe to use
Pepper sprays are an excellent non-lethal tool to carry. Still, one major downside is that the spray might also blowback into the user's eye, rendering them temporarily blind, resulting in less effectiveness and lack of immediate withdrawal from the danger.

Bottom line?
Personal safety tools lose their value if they aren't designed to be quickly used in an emergency or dangerous situations. Pepper sprays might not be a handy device to be used in case of emergency because not every situation leaves time to hold the pepper spray and use it. And this is where the SLFORCE' safe personal alarm can emerge as a better, portable, and effective tool. It's carried as a key chain so it can be ready to use without wasting any precious time in such situations. Furthermore, the 130db sound range can be heard miles away. This high pitch sound can warn people that someone needs help.
Lastly, these alarms can also be used by elderly and kids in case they get lost. The noise will trigger the fact that someone near to the sound needs help. In a nutshell, the SLFORCE's personal alarm being portable and with 130db sound is definitely a better choice than a pepper spray.