College Safety Tips

College Safety Tips

Colleges tend to become a student's home away from home, and just like homes, they offer a secure environment to grow and learn. However, despite the best efforts of college administration and personnel, the onus of security also lies with students.
Vigilance and foresight must be practiced regularly as most students find themselves for the first time out and about. These students leave the comfort of their homes for the first time and must adhere to the following college safety tips to avoid any mishaps.

Ensure room security
Just like you secure all your house rooms by checking the windows and doors, your dorm is your house, and you should always check the doors before sleeping. It acts as your first line of defense and avoids any unwanted visitors. Moreover, even if you leave your room for a quick shower in the community bath, make sure to lock the room.

Get familiar with the campus
College campuses can have a vast territory sprawled over acres sometimes. It makes them quite hard to manage in terms of security. It is in the students' best interest that they are aware of the campus in full detail. Make sure you know the ins and outs and shortcuts and what routes to avoid during the night time.

Buddy up
While you can easily work your way to the dormitory during the daytime, nighttime comes with its innate fears and dangers. To avoid this danger, you can ask a buddy to accompany you while you stroll for an evening walk or just going from the campus to your dorm. Campus security office can be of help in this regard as they provide escorts and give route information.

Self-defense is your best friend
It is not all the time that you can rely on a buddy or an acquaintance to accompany you. As they say, self-defense is the first line of defense and must be ingrained in college students. Self-defense classes can help students gain the confidence to deal with any such threats.
Besides learning it yourself, self-defense items such as the SLFORCE Personal Alarm can help you get out of tricky situations. The alarm is an easy way to call for help or scare the attacker as it produces a staggering 130 decibels of noise.

Social media and its pitfalls
Social media has become the gateway for increased connectivity amongst friends and professionals alike. With an increasingly connected world, the privacy of a person in place gets easily bisected. For this reason, the college student must be vigilant when posting details about their whereabouts, such as check-ins. You can always post a check-in after you have come back to avoid a stalker's ire.

Avoid alcohol and get the safety apps
Avoiding alcohol when you need to travel across departments is a must. Being sober may be understated, but it is one of the best ways to prevent wrongdoing. Moreover, you can install applications in your smartphones that send automated messages in cases that you're in danger.
Whatever the reasons for your late-night strolls, students must remain vigilant and abide by campus security advice. Also, it is advisable to keep self-defense carry items such as the SLFORCE alarm, helping to create a distraction and letting you avoid the danger.

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